DRPDNM is a non-governmental and humanitarian organisation working in the public interest in the fields of social protection, culture, and youth.

Mands – Masterandskills is an Italian Excellence Business School, specialising in the areas of: Finance & Banking, Marketing & Communication, Marketing & Management of Tourist Companies, Euro-Projects Design, Human Resource Management, Real Estate Management, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Computer Crime, Automotive Dealership Management and digital marketing. As Mission Mands prepares young graduates with an innovative approach to the global and competitive job market, through high-level training courses designed with head-hunter and recruiting managers who help us to understand the needs of out-coming profile. The design of innovative method and expected results takes place thanks to a synergy between the Sapienza University and the enterprise world.

At Mands we drive our students in a path of growth that is not only professional but also personal through coaching and assessment processes carried out at the beginning, during and at the end of the classroom learning phase by psychologists with experience in coaching and training for young people. Our students are immediately encouraged to get involved and grow up working as a team in different problem solving situations. Mands links University agenda with the enterprises. This link has helped us understand the dynamic picture of social changes after global economic and structural crisis. Masterandskills has overturned the traditional educational pyramid from deductive educational processes to focus on creative induction, autonomy, problem solving, transforming complex processes into fast operational synthesis. Masterandskills usually introduces in its courses very different academic profiles, thanks to the work of psychologists with expertise in assessment processes. Masterandskills training services aimed at Placement according to the needs of new markets of Industry 4.0. The quality in the delivery of training services is guaranteed by a continuous analysis and research on new skills and innovative methodologies. Support to companies through personalised counseling on management systems, quality control of processes and products, and their improvement. We have a division of calls for tenders and public tenders for managerial training projects.

KOMEN – Susan G. Komen Italia is a non-profit organisation that has been fighting breast cancer since 2000. It was the first International Affiliate of Susan G. Komen®, the world’s largest non-profit funder of breast cancer research outside of the U.S. federal government. The mission of Komen Italia is to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease through promoting prevention, supporting women facing the disease, and advancing the quality of treatment, through several concrete activities:

  • Fostering education, scientific research and innovation in women health.
  • Promoting prevention and the adoption of healthy lifestyles.
  • Preserving the right to access high quality health care for every woman with breast cancer.
  • Offering services to improve quality of life after cancer occurs, particularly for women with metastatic disease.
  • Collaborating with other Associations and funding projects on national basis.

Susan G. Komen Italia has invested more than 17 million Euros to fund more than 850 new prevention and support projects on national basis, addressed to women and survivors.

Race for the Cure is the biggest event against breast cancer, in Italy and worldwide, organised by Komen Italia from 2000.

It’s 4 days of free events and initiatives on health, sport and solidarity at the Race Village in the beautiful historical location of Circo Massimo, that end with the traditional and emotional 5k race and 2k walk through the city center.

In 2018, more than 120 thousand people registered at Race Series of Roma, Bari, Bologna and Brescia. In 2019, the Race will take place also at Pescara and Matera, that is 2019 European Capital of Culture.

Survivors – in Italy called “Donne in Rosa” i.e. Pink Ladies – are the Race’s protagonists: a special area for sharing personal experiences and feelings is dedicated to them.

Association Walktogether was born in Bulgaria in 2014 as a learning organisation that gathers trainers, young people and social workers to be involved in the creation of civic activities with a European dimension and with benefits for the local community.

The association pursues following objectives:
• Implementation of new social practices of integration and protection of vulnerable members of the society;
• Operation in national and international programs related to social networking, media and ICT field in general etc.;  
•  Providing digital education for youth and adults;
• Supporting projects promoted by transnational partnerships and networks directly involving citizens.

The Autokreacja Foundation aims at fostering the active participation in a civil society through various initiatives in the field of social economy. We contribute to the civilisational, cultural and economic development of Poland. We want to put the spotlight on problems of diverse social groups that are often marginalised, that is why we focus on cooperation with long-term unemployed, youth from underprivileged regions, unemployed women, elderly people, immigrants and refugees. Many of our projects were designed to favour multiculturalism and intercultural exchange by bringing together different lifestyles, points of view and philosophies. Our conviction is that sharing, experiencing and debating are the best ways to progress as it permits us to be open to new initiatives and to welcome with enthusiasm, possibilities of cooperation with organisations dealing with different domains in many countries and cultures all over the world.

We set up the Autokreacja Foundation because we like working with people. That is why in our projects we invest time and energy in initiatives which give us the opportunity to directly interact with people – we organise and run workshops, trainings and cultural events with the aim of helping people from all walks of life and to develop their potential and communicate with one another.

De mãos dadas pela vida is an NGO that operate in the suburbs of Goiania, capital of the Goias, since 2007. The main operative areas are social services, culture, sports and volunteering training. Our target of beneficiaries are children and young that are living in families with a lot of economical and social problems. We offer classics dance courses, psychological support, sports activities and homework assistance in order to elevate the educational levels. We trust in children’s and youths personal developing through a process of discovering themselves. Thought an intensive and qualify social assistance work we collaborate with the most relevant public authorities and with other associations and NGOs that are active in our region. Our activities are devolved in different locals in our region to try to reach the majority of people that are looking for cultural and educational projects. We recently started a cooperation with local authorities involved in the health area to start spreading the importance of first aid in schools and institutions.

European Institute for Local Development – EILD was founded in 2009 as an independent non-governmental organisation whose members are European citizens and organisations interested in supporting regional development activities. The General Committee is formed by local development stakeholders and specialists from various sectors of the civil society and European Member States: academics, NGOs, development agents, association managers, civil servants and social economy companies, as well as European organisations for local development. European Institute for Local Development’s mission is to provide innovative tools for the sustainability of regions across EU while promoting experience sharing between its partners enhancing international cooperation, skillful networking and further progress and growth.

Pegeia Municipality is a public local government body in the district of Paphos. Pegeia Municipal Council is the policy-making body in its area of jurisdiction for a number of issues and policy areas defined by national law.

As the municipal policy-making authority, Pegeia has developed a strong administrative and management structure and is therefore in a position to provide administrative and managerial support for the duration of the project.

Pegeia Municipality is the largest municipality in Cyprus in terms of geographic area as it covers an area of 4,552 hectares – a relatively large area for Cyprus standards. Combining spectacular mountain landscapes with crystal blue beaches, Pegeia has established a strong position in tourism, attracting thousands of international and internal visitors each year. Indeed, most inhabitants work in tourism, while many permanent residents are foreign nationals, giving the area a cosmopolitan flair. Indeed, the municipality is the only local government body in Cyprus where a foreign national permanent resident of Pegeia has been elected as member of the municipal council.

CREA 360 is a Spanish SME that was born in 2013 in Cocentaina (Comunidad Valenciana-Spain). Nowadays is based on 6 young technician specialised in local development and territorial innovation. Its work is focused on Local/Regional public authorities, NGOs and public-private schools. CREA 360 works in several fields as European funds, local development, social inclusion, non-formal education, environment, civic participation, territorial planning and innovation.

Since its foundation in 2013 the organisation has participated in a considerable number of EU educational projects (Erasmus+) and other cooperation projects (INTERREG, URBACT and EUROPE FOR CITIZENS).

Another main domain, CREA 360 is working, is in the field of the integration of social groups in risk of exclusion. It has a great experience working with unemployed youngsters, women, immigrants and disabled people. It is also focusing on the support of the professionals that are working with them.

CREA360 works in several territories of Spain (Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia, Castilla y León, etc.), but its activity is mostly based on the Province of Alicante, and specificaly in the White Coast (Costa Blanca), the Creative Cluster made by the Municipalities of Castalla, Municipality of Onil, Municipality of Xixona and Municipality of Ibi (Spanish Toy Valley), Municipality of Alicante (main city in the region with more than 350.000 inhabitants) and the rural area of Comunidad Valenciana.

CREA360 also collaborates with the University of Alicante, participating in the organisation of the Official Master Degree in Local Development and Territorial Innovation, specialised training courses, organising events and cooperating with it in European projects and with the Enterprise-University of Alicante Foundation.

CREA 360 is also member of several association as Spanish Network of Rural Entrepreneurs and nowadays its members are presidents in the Federation of Young Entrepreneurs of the Province of Alicante and the Association of Geographers of the Comunidad Valenciana (Spain).